Symposium 2015

Did you hear . . .

… that the 2015 National Library & Information Technicians’ Symposium is being held in Hobart.


The theme for 2015 is . . .

RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW : it’s a Devil of a time in libraries

Head over to the 2015 ALIA National Library & Information Technicians’ website for more details.  While you’re there, click on “FOLLOW” to keep up to date with the latest Symposium news.



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Whilst enjoying some early morning googling with my second coffee, I stumbled across some Symposium photos on flickr . . . thought you might be interested in seeing them.  Click the image below to view:

Have a flick-r through them.  Feel free to post your faves to our facebook page – click here to visit:


It was a lot of fun – hope you enjoyed it too!

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Early Morning Paper Delivery!

A huge thank you to the sleep deprived (but still beautiful) Cath James, who stayed up all night to ensure that I had an early morning paper delivery to post for you!

Each paper has been loaded on the corresponding speaker page as a PDF.  Just click on the paper icon to view.

All speakers are still hyperlinked through the program, and through the summary on  Should make for easy viewing of your favourites.

Please do email us at if there are any problems.

FYI, the following papers, keynotes & workshops have not been uploaded :

Rachael Bahl & Alma Lukic : Change management: redesigning, reskilling and redeploying (however this paper will be uploaded soon)

Janetta Mascilongo & Judy Brooker : LIS skills development for the future: making it happen (will not be uploaded)

Curtis Watson – Invited Speaker : How students judge the relevance and reliability of information in the digital environment

Lynn Farkas and Helen Rowe : RDA Workshop

Erin York : Getting Social: Your guide to using social media for professional development and networking

Sue McKerracher : The Future of the Profession

Roxanne Missingham : Guerrilla librarianship: issues for survival for organisations – new roles for librarians and library technicians

Bob Pymm : Customise to connect: reaching out, not looking in

Alicia Cohen : Transforming ourselves and our industries to manage change – A publisher’s perspective

Kel Robertson : Opening Address

Happy Viewing!

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Posting Papers & Photos

I expect to receive the papers from the Symposium on Monday, and will be able to post them straight away. Just wanted to keep you all in the loop – I know the suspense is excruciating!

Subscribe to this page to receive an automated email when I post

see right of screen – – >

Photos will also be sent to me soon – keep watching this space…

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Evaluation Form

Sorry for the delay – but here it is – the Evaluation Form.

It has been loaded as a ‘Word’ doc – this should make it easy for you to complete, save, attach and email back to us at

Alternatively, you could post the completed evaluation form to :

PO Box 6335


Click here to open the form

Thank you all so much for attending the Symposium – we hope you had as much fun as we did!  We value your feedback (because we are dying to know what you thought) and more importantly, your feedback will assist ALIA in their guidance and support of future events.


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